Lifting up Seattle through a larger, stronger and more diverse workforce.

Weld Works

Born and built in Seattle, Weld Works is an innovative staffing organization effectively serving the construction, manufacturing, & retail industries with purpose and heart. We bring together companies hiring in construction, clean-up and general labor with a pool of individuals interested and ready to work to get the job done. Our unique program connects people in transition to a path to dignified, long-term employment. At the same time, we’re helping to meet our booming city’s labor needs.

Our mission is to lift up our community through a larger, stronger and more diverse workforce.

Since breaking ground in 2019, we’ve already made a difference.

  • Nearly 6 out of 10 people within our program are placed into permanent positions.
  • We’ve earned our business community’s trust, through high standards and excellent customer service.
  • We stand behind our labor team with peer support, training, transportation, and other resources for their long-term success.
Shineka working

Read Shineka’s story

“I used to be in trouble a lot — but not anymore. I have a record, so last time I got out it was hard for me to get a job. Even my old employer denied me because of my record. A friend at Mary’s Place suggested I call Weld Works to get some help finding work. I did, and it was the greatest thing ever. I’m now doing general labor with a really good company and they are considering hiring me on permanently. And a few weeks ago, Weld Works sponsored my attendance at a Flagger Certification course class. I have a new flagging job on Monday! I’m now able to cover my rent….things are good!”
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