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Veteran’s Guide to Vocational School and Apprenticeship Programs


If you’re a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, you may have access to educational benefits through the GI Bill and similar programs. In addition to helping veterans attend traditional four-year colleges, these benefits can also be applied to vocational schools and apprenticeships.

Below, we break down the different benefits available to veterans for non-traditional postsecondary education and review other important details such as eligibility, costs, and making the transition from soldier to working civilian.



St. Vincent de Paul-George/Seattle


Dress For Success-Seattle


I’m excited to announce that we JUST scheduled our next “Get Connected Workshop” for June.  This is a workshop that we safely setup our clients with their own laptops.  The workshop will be Wednesday, June 15th from 2pm-5pm here at our career center.  We request our clients to either sign up for our Digital Literacy Cohort program or register for 3 coaching sessions (either 1:1 or coaching circle). It would be AMAZING if we could get your women to participate!  Space is limited, so please let me know as soon as able.  We can support a maximum of 12 clients